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Loup TV 168: Instagram to Bring NFTs to the Masses
Amazon, Apple , Meta , Tesla , Themes
  • Meta could bring NFTs to the masses via Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during his speech at SXSW that Instagram plans to integrate NFTs in the coming months. With over 1BN MAUs, Instagram would dwarf existing players like OpenSea (1MN) and Coinbase (90MN).
  • China is flexing its supply-chain muscles by suspending production at Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory. It seems as though China is leveraging pandemic and geopolitical circumstances to further disrupt global supply chains. At the same time, Apple is re-opening its Foxconn production facilities in Shenzhen. Score +1 for the operational wizardry of Tim Cook.
  • Amazon released AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner to democratize access to AWS education. The company is following a well-worn path of using education as a distribution channel to win users early and own them for life.


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