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Loup TV 167: Tesla Price Increase Today, Decrease Tomorrow?
Amazon, Meta , Tesla , Themes
  • Tesla raises its prices by 5-10% in part due to the high price of nickel. While this past week has included two price hikes for the company, there’s a likelihood these prices will come down again.
  • The most recent upgrades to Grand Theft Auto V do not change the fact that the “mother of mothers” in game upgrades will still be the highly anticipated 2025 release of GTA VI.
  • There’s talk of a privacy state department to help regulate tech companies like Facebook and Google. In the end, this is not what Zuckerberg was hoping for when he spoke on the topic last year.
  • Amazon gets the green light for the MGM acquisition… in Europe. If they’re able to get a similar green light in the U.S., expect to see a modest increase in M&A over the next couple years.


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