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Loup TV 154: Reading the Tea Leaves on App Store Fees; Truth Social Has A Difficult Road Ahead
Apple, Google , Themes

Gene and Doug discuss:

  • How the U.S Senate’s bipartisan Open App Markets Act (S. 2710) will impact our digital ecosystem. The bill was passed with a 20-2 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and aims to penalize developers with what it perceives to be anti-competitive conduct. If passed into law, it would require Apple to allow “sideloading,” or the installation of apps from third-party app stores.
  • Truth Social is Trumping the App Store at #1. While the app’s debut resulted in nearly 500K people left on the waitlist, President Trump once had 88.9M followers on Twitter. Free speech is what promotes the marketplace of ideas, but 500K on any social media platform is likely not enough to sustain compelling conversation.


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