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Loup TV 151: Amazon and Visa Power Struggle; Ford MachE Beats Tesla; Elon and the Fun Police
Amazon, Tesla , Themes
  • Amazon and Visa find a way forward. The two have reached a global resolution after a months-long dispute over processing fees. In November, Amazon threatened to stop accepting VISA in the UK, Singapore and Australia due to a 2% merchant fee, and responded by imposing an additional 0.5% surcharge. Now, the two have found a truce and will work on product and technology initiatives.
  • Ford’s Mach-E listed as Consumer Reports’ ‘Top Pick’ EV for 2022. This is the first feature of an EV other than Tesla’s Model 3, and an indicator that Tesla has more competition on the horizon.
  • Elon Musk and Regulators. NHTSA initiates an investigation on Tesla’s Phantom Breaking feature after receiving 354 complaints from consumers. This likely won’t soften Musk’s opinion of regulators as being the “fun police.”


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