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Loup TV 126: Apple’s Headset Delay Is Only a Bump in the Road
Apple, Augmented Reality , Deepwater TV , Themes , Virtual Reality , Wearables

Gene, Andrew and Doug discuss Bloomberg reporting that Apple’s MR headset debut will be shifted from June to later in 2022.


  • It looks like we’re going to be wrong on our recent prediction that Apple will show its MR headset at WWDC given development delays.
  • If they miss the WWDC 2022 window, it makes most sense for Apple to hold off on debuting the device until WWDC 2023 given the importance of developer buy-in.
  • While the delay is a headwind to a near term catalyst for AAPL multiple expansion, it’s a function of time before investor excitement returns regrading the topic.
  • Long-term this does not change anything for Apple. Whether they show the product in 2022, 2023 or 2024 does not matter. Apple will eventually release a product that will build confidence with investors that Apple has a winning approach to AR and the metaverse.


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