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Loup TV 118: Blackberry Tech Addiction, Google Dodges Regulation, OpenSea Raises $13.3B
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Gene and Doug discuss three topics that caught their attention today:


  • Today’s news that Blackberry has terminated its services is a reminder that the company was first on the market to inspire phone addiction. Smartphones leveled up user addiction another notch. Will the metaverse drive tech addiction to the stratosphere?
  • Google acquired cybersecurity startup Siemplify for $500M. While it seems that regulators in Washington are bypassing code when it comes to the sub $1B deals, we believe that they’ll still scrutinize larger M&A transactions.
  • OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, is rumored to raise money at a $13.3B, up from $1.5B in Series A funding. With emerging NFT competitors, like Coinbase ($65B), will OpenSea be able to maintain their lead in the marketplace?


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