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Loup TV 115: 2022 Tech Predictions Deep Dive
Apple, Autonomous Vehicles , Deepwater TV , Meta , Tesla , Themes , Virtual Reality

Gene and Doug do a deep dive into Loup’s 2022 tech predictions.


  • Apple and Facebook will battle for the spot as top performing FAANG stock, with both companies benefiting from anticipation around the metaverse. The reason for our optimism is that they’re highly profitable and both are investing heavily to have a seat at the metaverse table.
  • The EV theme will cool. It’s hard for the hype to be at the same level as it was in 2021. That said, Tesla is still is in a good place long term.
  • Tesla will exceed delivery expectations, while Rivian and Lucid will miss because of difficulties in ramping production.
  • The Quantum Computing theme heats up. The topic has a high geek factor, is in concept phase today, and has the potential to fundamentally change compute processing. Two recent SPACs also brought pure-play quantum companies IonQ and Rigetti (merger to be completed) into the public arena.


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