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Deepwater Frontier Tech Index

By combining Deepwater’s proprietary research in emerging technologies with a respect for valuation, the Deepwater Frontier Tech Index (DFTI) aims to power strong long-term returns in the frontier technology category.

The Deepwater Frontier Tech Index (DFTI) tracks public investment opportunities participating in major emerging technologies. The DFTI tracks an ever-evolving basket of frontier themes. The index currently focuses on AI, Robotics, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles, Fintech, and the metaverse.

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Frontier & Center: GitLab

In this week’s episode of Frontier & Center, we get to know GitLab (GTLB). GitLab makes it easier to mange the increasing complexity of software development.

Frontier & Center: Axon

On this week’s Frontier & Center we highlight Axon and how AI can continue to grow its software business.

Frontier & Center: CrowdStrike

This week’s Frontier & Center related to the Deepwater’s Frontier Tech ETF, LOUP, we discuss CrowdStrike.

Frontier & Center: Block

On this episode of Frontier & Center, Gene talks how Frontier Tech is outperforming the Nasdaq and highlights Block (SQ).

Frontier & Center: Intro to Front & Center / Nubank

This week Gene talks Nubank (NU), a digital banking platform and digital financial services in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and internationally.

Frontier & Center: Unity Software (U)

Frontier & Center podcast focuses on transformative tech companies outside of the Mag7. This week we talk Unity Software.

Frontier & Center: AMD

In this weeks episode of Frontier & Center we talk AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and their outlook in GPUs.

Frontier & Center: Roblox

In this week’s Frontier & Center we talk why Roblox (RBLX) will play a bigger role in the lives of sub-20 year olds.

Frontier & Center: Take-Two

Frontier Tech continues to build momentum this year. In this week’s Frontier & Center episode we talk Take-Two (TTWO) and GTA6.

What We Believe Makes Our Index Unique vs Other Disruptive Tech Funds

Many funds and indices track frontier-related themes but do not perform well as long-term investment vehicles for three reasons:

  1. The products are not built on deep research that creates a differentiated understanding of where the world is going.
  2. The products incorporate excessive exposure to established mega cap tech companies.
  3. The products don’t incorporate a respect for valuation.

The DFTI is designed to address each of these issues.

  • The DFTI is informed by over 100 years of cumulative tech research experience by the Deepwater team, including ongoing insights that power direct private and public investment vehicles.
  • The index also includes a $500 billion market cap limit, forcing the exclusion of mega cap tech companies that investors already have significant exposure to via S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices.
  • Perhaps most uniquely, we believe the price you pay for innovation matters. The DFTI is designed to incorporate a respect for valuation in its selection process that we view as imperative for long-term performance.

How has the Index Performed?

The DFTI went live on 7/25/2018 and has been backtested to 2013. You can find a chart that tracks historical and real-time performance here.

How Can I Invest in the Index?

Deepwater partners with Innovator ETFs to offer the NYSE-listed Innovator Deepwater Frontier Tech ETF. The ticker is LOUP.

To learn more about how to invest, visit the Innovator website.

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