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2023 Deepwater Holiday Gift Guide

Deepwater’s Gift Guide:

Our annual gift guide is part forecast, part real look at what our team is hoping to unwrap this season, and includes our predictions of the big launches and releases we’re expecting to see in 2024 (and where we landed on some of the ones we made last year).

Last year, we predicted a few items for this year’s gift guide that didn’t show up as expected:

  • Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Console | $250 | It did not come out this year, which means for the third year in a row we have been wrong. It appears the classic controller is as close to the vintage console as we’re going to get.
  • Apple’s MR Headset (Vision Pro) | $3,499 | While it did not come out, Vision Pro was announced at WWDC and expected in “early 2024.” We’e thinking March.
  • Tesla Robotaxi | $30,000 | Lots of talk about the Robotaxi, but it’s likely a few years out.  Market conditions have put this project on the back-burner. 2026?

Here’s a  look at what made our team’s personal gifting wishlists:

Finally, here’s a look ahead to 2024 and some of the products we’re hoping for:

  • Redesigned, full-screen iPhone SE or Mini | $600 | In search of a smaller screen option.
  • Streaming service bundles | Hoping for more partnerships and less individual subscriptions in 2024.
  • Apple Vision | $2,000 | Shown in 2024 for availability in 2025. More affordable than the $3,499 Vision Pro to attract more buyers.



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