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2022 Loup Holiday Gift Guide

Last year, we predicted a few items for this year’s gift guide:

  • Nintendo 64 Classic Edition | $50 | We missed the mark – it did not ship.
  • Quest Pro | $1,499 | We got the product right and the name wrong.
  • Peloton Strength Machine | $3,500 | We didn’t see the Tonal competitor this year but, eventually, it’s coming.

Here’s what else is on our list:

 And, here’s a look ahead to 2023 and some of the products we’re hoping for:

  • Nintendo 64 Classic Edition | $50 | Second time’s a charm.
  • Apple’s MR Headset | We’re still with Mark Gurman on this one and expect to see it by WWDC.
  • Tesla Model 2 | $30,000 | We’re expecting an announcement. Availability more like early 2025.


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