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While You Were Away, U.S. iPhone Availability Jumps to 26% from 2%

Conclusion. We continued our daily monitoring of iPhone X availability, capturing 2224 daily in-store data points for 139 of the 271 U.S. Apple retail stores.

  • This past week (Nov 20-26th) availability jumped to 16%, compared to 2% in the previous week (Nov 13-20th)
  • The increase in supply was more notable when you look at the 3 days following Thanksgiving (Nov 24-26th) which we measured an average of 26% availability compared to 2% in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving (Nov 20-22nd). Data was not available on Thanksgiving Day given Apple stores were closed, eliminating in-store pickup options.

While there have been measurable improvements, iPhone X remains in short supply. We anticipate iPhone X lead times of more than 4 days to continue for the balance of 2017 and expect the iPhone X to reach supply demand equilibrium sometime in January. That’s a slight positive for the outlook for Apple’s Mar-18 quarter.

Online lead times continue to decline. We noted an improvement in global iPhone X lead times (8 countries), exiting last week at 1-3 weeks compared to 2-3 weeks in the previous week, and 3-4 weeks earlier in November.

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