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Introducing Deepwater Asset Management

I’m excited to share our new brand with the world: Deepwater Asset Management.

Our goal in rebranding was to align our brand with our strategy. We’re known for thoughtful investing based on deep insights. Deepwater Asset Management reflects who we are, what we do, and how we operate.

  • We are a growth investment firm.
  • We manage equity investment funds across the growth spectrum in public and private markets.
  • Deepwater also captures our contrarian spirit. We seek out deep water for the best, most profitable ideas where others may be fearful.

Driven by recent growth across our public and private strategies, we’ve never been better positioned to serve our investors.


A vintage nautical depth finder has become an artifact that represents our new brand. It sits in our office as a reminder to go deeper. It also serves as an award given to the Deepwater team member most deserving of the honor each year.

We hope you love our brand as much as we do.

On day one, it is merely an empty vessel to be filled with the collective expression of our team and our work over time. Slowly and steadily, it will accelerate our progress against our mission: Profit from where the world is going.

Ever forward.


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