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We invest in persistent growth — growth that sustains at higher rates for longer than the market expects.


To successfully invest in persistent growth, we must profit from where the world is going. It depends on the paradox of change and consistency. Change sparks a new opportunity; consistency enables a change to take hold.

By its nature, persistent growth demands investor patience. Persistent growth investments can be worth owning for years, even decades. Patience paired with persistence yields superior performance.

Investing in Persistent Growth

Markets occasionally misprice persistent growth opportunities, and that is the essence of great growth investing. Apple and Amazon are examples of the power of persistent growth. Shares of AAPL and AMZN are up 10x since 2012. The S&P 500 is…
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The Cone of Expectations

For fundamental investors, stock prices represent a demand of future business performance. Those future demands can be demonstrated in reverse DCFs where you solve to a price rather than project an outcome on your own estimates. The same thing can…
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We manage equity investment funds across the growth spectrum in public and private markets.

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