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Loup TV Weekly: Musk’s Big Week with Twitter and Cyber Rodeo
Apple, Tesla , Twitter

Gene and Andrew discuss the most important tech events for the week ending on April 8th.

  • Musk’s investment in Twitter was no surprise given his vocal stance on free speech and his mission-driven investment approach. Given that he’s now a part of the board, expect to see changes in terms of service in the next 6 mos.
  • This week, there have been more shutdowns in China related to Covid, further impacting the supply chain. While this is a 2% headwind to Tesla deliveries for 2022, it doesn’t appear to be having an impact on the availability of Apple products.
  • Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo was more than a ribbon cutting for Giga Texas. The factory is a stark reminder to how big of a gap there is between traditional automakers and Tesla.


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