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Loup TV 127: Hack; Apple App Store Headaches; Deciphering Tech Price Increases
Apple, Blockchain , Contrarian Mindset , Cryptocurrency , Deepwater TV , Netflix

Gene and Doug discuss’s $15M hack, Apple’s long-term take rate and recent tech price increases.


  • Even though got hacked, there’s still a lot of value in a centralized exchange.
  • Apple’s App Store is in the news again. This time, with a Dutch ruling forcing dating apps to accept third-party payments later in this month. Big picture: it’s a function of time before app take rates decline. The question is more about… when, and by how much?
  • Netflix and Peloton raise their price in the past week. It’s likely a positive read for Netflix, and an admission by Peloton that a $1500 bike is not for everyone.


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