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Loup TV 125: Epic Needles Apple; Second Life Gets Second Life; Cybertruck Pushed to 2023
Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain , Deepwater TV , Future , Gaming , Netflix , Nvidia , Tesla , Virtual Reality


  • Another rough day in the market. Second time in a week that we’ve seen a two standard deviation move in the NASDAQ. Fear is controlling the market, and will continue until… who knows.
  • Epic needling Apple with its Fortnite workaround through Nvidia’s GeForce. While no one’s going to use it, It does speak to an emerging topic around how Apple will regulate streaming game services in the future.
  • Second Life was the original metaverse company founded in 2003. The service faded away but has gotten new life with the return of its founder, Philip Rosedale. While Philip’s reinstating the same brand, he’ll have to rebuild Second Life on top of blockchain.
  • Tesla removed language of a 2022 production from its Cybertruck page. We weren’t expecting many units in 2022 anyway so – financially, it doesn’t matter. It is a cautionary data point for other EV companies that are looking to ramp production in 2022.

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