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Loup TV 123: Apple’s Take Rate Pressure; EV Momentum Continues
Apple, Autonomous Vehicles , Deepwater TV , Tesla


  • Chairman Powell had some encouraging language today suggesting that the Fed is getting ready to step up to the inflation challenge. Will have to wait till the end of the month until details from the Fed meeting.
  • Apple has submitted a plan for South Korea for potentially allowing third-party payment systems inside of App Store apps for in-app-purchases. Recall: last year Korean legislators required Apple to do so. The U.S. app store is still in a great place for Apple, however further tweaks to take rate will likely happen in the years to come.
  • Tech news today continued to be dominated by EV headlines. While it would be difficult to find bigger believers in EVs than the Loup team, we continue to expect the EV manufacture momentum to cool in 2022. We believe that Tesla’s still going to crush it this year. 2022 is setting up to be the year where investors will gain a greater appreciation of the EV supply chain.

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