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Investing in Wethos
Future of Work, Startup , Venture Portfolio

The future of work is freedom. Freedom for workers to find meaningful work, to collaborate with great teams, and to work where and when they want. That’s why we’re excited to invest in Wethos.

Wethos deploys responsive teams of creative and marketing specialists to help meaningful brands stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through its tech platform and diverse community of vetted professionals, Wethos curates flexible teams of exactly the right experts to help accelerate social and economic progress.

Wethos understands the evolution of work and is leveraging that understanding to build an agency of the future — a flexible product that adapts to market realities quickly and can assemble the perfect team for a given project, something no agency can do today. In 2018, WPP alone had over $70 billion in bookings. It’s a massive opportunity to help brands large and small get a better product for their money, starting with B2B.

Leveraging the insights from the many recent successes in the D2C Internet trend (Harry’s, Hims, Glossier, etc.), Wethos can help emerging B2B brands reach enterprise decision makers who are the very customers of those D2C successes. Getting and maintaining the attention of those buyers will require a novel and consistent approach, one that Wethos can uniquely deliver through curated teams that understand the buyers personally and professionally.

We’re proud to back Rachel, Claire, and Kristen — all ad agency veterans — as they reinvent an old industry and build, in Rachel’s words, a more distributed and collaborative future.


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