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Investing in Levels Health
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Health is an important theme at Loup Ventures — it’s the cornerstone for quality of life.

We all approach health differently, but we face the same problem of measuring what we do. How our bodies react to exercise and diet is opaque. Our bodies react individually even to the same stimuli. One person may have a large insulin spike when they eat a banana. Another may have no reaction.

Without knowing how our bodies react, we’re just guessing at our health.

That’s why we’re excited to invest in Levels.

Levels is making metabolic health mainstream by expanding access to real-time biometric monitoring paired with actionable insights backed by rigorous science. The Levels Metabolic Fitness Beta Program provides the first means of accessing your metabolic data to see the effects of diet and lifestyle decisions as they happen.

If you would like to experience the beta program, you’re invited to add your details to the early access list (more details after the link). Seeing your body’s unique response to a meal or activity is an empowering experience, leading to a better understanding and higher level of control over your health and wellness – Levels calls it Metabolic Awareness.

We think Metabolic Awareness can help users avoid future health problems through early awareness and preventive medicine just as it can help them optimize their current health to achieve immediate goals. Metabolic Awareness has multi-billion dollar market potential as a core piece of a cohesive health program.

We couldn’t be more excited to back Sam, Josh, and the Levels team in their journey to bring Metabolic Awareness to everyone.

Feel free to reach out to the Levels team at if you have any questions about their beta program.


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