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Google Earnings Reiterates AI, VR, AR Ambitions
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai used tonight’s Q1 call to double-down on his “AI-first” mantra.  Several areas were highlighted, where Google will lead and define its mission to organize the world’s information with machine learning.  Beyond AI initiatives to enhance core consumer products like search, mail, maps, and Google Play, increased machine learning investment was highlighted in at least two segments of Google’s ad model.  These include ‘Smart Bidding’ where machines predict in real-time how an ad should perform in front of a particular target and adjust advertiser bids to maximize ROI.  Separately, in Google’s highly profitable app install ad business, namely Universal App Campaigns, machine learning is being used to best promote developer apps across Google properties including Search, YouTube, and the Display Network.

Management also made a couple of callouts on VR.  Google’s VR platform Daydream is seeing more than half its usage consuming video, with YouTube VR being its #1 app by time spent.  At a recent event, we heard from Google that people are using the Daydream headset to “hold the phone” for them as they watch video laying down.  While not an exciting VR use case, we heard that users are spending multiple hours in VR this way, so it is getting users comfortable with the experience.  VR investment near-term still appears focused on mainstream products like Daydream and accompanied VR produced content such as YouTube VR, Google Earth VR, and Tilt Brush.  We suspect Google is also experimenting with advanced VR and AR hardware, although no mention was made on the earnings call.  We continue to believe Google is the best positioned player to provide the AR operating system of the future, and the company’s leadership position in machine learning and AI only reinforces that view.

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