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Deepwater Frontier Tech Survey 2024
Apple, Artificial Intelligence , Augmented Reality , Autonomous Vehicles , Frontier Tech , Google , Health , Meta , Microsoft , Netflix , Neurable , Neurotech , Nvidia , Redwood Materials , Spatial Computing , Tech Addiction , Tesla , TikTok , Virtual Reality , Wearables

Deepwater’s first annual Frontier Tech Survey measures the American public’s viewpoint on emerging technologies, including AI, Electrification & Automation, the Creator Economy, and Health-Tech.

Key Takeaways:

  1. AI – General usage and awareness remains low; opinions are mixed when it comes to AI’s impact on humanity and jobs.
  2. Automation & Electrification – Most people want their next vehicle to be gas or hybrid, mirroring current market trends.
  3. Creator Economy – Time spent with influencers is rising; traditional content models must adapt.
  4. Health-Tech – People are open to innovation across multiple verticals, but are in denial about tech addiction.
Deepwater 2024 Frontier Tech Survey

Scroll through the deck above or download a PDF here.


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