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2018 Loup Ventures Holiday Gift Guide
Apple, Gaming , iRobot , Neurotech , Retail , Robotics , Tesla
  • Halo Sport Headset | $499 | A pair of headphones that utilizes neuropriming to improve workouts.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 | $499 | Fall detection, an electrocardiogram, super-accurate fitness tracking, and cell connectivity make it the best smartwatch period.
  • Plae Shoes | $135 | Adult and kids shoes with a unique lacing system and modular insole.
  • Headspace | $8/month | A smartphone meditation app designed to introduce you to the benefits of a calm mind.
  • Phillips Hue Lights | $99 | Smart home lighting kit that allows you to adjust brightness, colors, and set a schedule.
  • Xiaomi Electric Scooter | $599 | The same you’ll find scattered throughout town.
  • Peloton Digital | $20/month | A library of over 10,000 exercise classes.
  • Turtle Beach Gaming Headset | $79 | Quality sound and microphone to take your games to the next level.
  • Hestra Gloves | It’s cold outside – and these will last a lifetime.
  • Northface Kabig Backpack | $149 | We’ve tested a lot of travel bags, and this one is the best.
  • Tesla Powerbank | $45 | A portable charger for your devices made from a single 18650 cell – the same battery used in a Model S.

Here’s a look ahead to 2019 and some of the products we’re hoping for

  • Oculus Quest | The holy grail of VR devices – a standalone headset with six degrees of freedom that requires no computer and no cords.
  • Updated Apple AirPods | Our favorite Apple product is due for an upgrade. We’re hoping for better noise cancellation and perhaps biometric tracking.
  • Dare we wish for the AirPower wireless charging mat? It was announced in September of 2017, so we’re not holding our breath.
  • eSprinter Electric Sprinter Van | Our dream van is finally being electrified, but it may not have enough range for a true road trip.
  • iRobot Robotic Lawnmower | A Roomba for your yard.

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