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010 – Matt Angle
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Dr. Matt Angle is the CEO and founder of Paradromics, a brain-computer interface company developing high-bandwidth implantable neural interfaces. Matt completed his B.S. in Biology at Carnegie Melon University and his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Paradromics is working on high-density microwire electrode arrays because they’re advantageous in a number of ways as compared to alternative types of invasive neural interfaces.
  2. The technology under development by Paradromics will first be used by researchers to ask and answer basic neuroscience questions, and then will help treat locked-in patients pending further development and FDA approval.
  3. Considerations about neural data privacy are similar to considerations about data privacy in general.

Show Notes

  • [1:23] Matt talks about how he became interested in high-density neural interfaces.
  • [3:43] Matt explains the genesis of Paradromics.
  • [4:40] Why Paradromics became a commercial enterprise instead of an academic project.
  • [5:08] Paradromics’ recent $7M Series A funding round.
  • [5:29] What does Matt want to use the funding for?
  • [6:25] Matt discusses being a hard interviewer and the importance of a talented team.
  • [7:13] Matt discusses the distinction between invasive and non-invasive BCIs.
  • [9:00] Why Paradromics is using a microwire array for their implantable device.
  • [11:05] Injectable mesh electrodes.
  • [12:20] The first use-cases of Paradromics’ technology.
  • [13:30] Long-term applications of Paradromics technology.
  • [14:10] Processing massive amounts of neural data.
  • [17:20] How to handle the analysis of large amounts of neural data.
  • [17:55] Data privacy and neuroethics.
  • [19:29] Digital health and admissibility of evidence.
  • [21:28] Matt’s book recommendations.

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